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The Perfect Fit: Your Complete Guide to Measuring Ring Size Accurately

Key Takeaways:

Step Action Tips
1 Start with an estimate using a printable ring sizer, plastic ring sizer, visiting a local jeweller, or measuring an existing ring. Consider the pros and cons of each method.
2 Order a custom sizer, especially for unique materials like Damascus steel. This is the most accurate method and costs around £10.
3 Wear the custom sizer for 48 hours to account for natural finger size fluctuation. Monitor your finger size throughout the day and during different activities.
4 Double-check your size using at least one additional sizing method. Confirm your size for peace of mind.


Congratulations on finding the perfect ring that speaks to your unique style and love story! Whether you've fallen for a stunning meteorite ring or a timeless gold band, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit is crucial. In this comprehensive guide, we'll walk you through the process of accurately measuring your ring size, so you can enjoy your chosen piece for years to come.

Why accurate sizing matters

An ill-fitting ring can lead to a host of issues, from the risk of loss to daily discomfort and even long-term finger problems. When you invest in a quality piece, like a whisky barrel ring or a Damascus steel band, you want to ensure it fits like a dream. That's where our expert sizing guide comes in.

4mm Forge & Lumber - Comfort Fit Ring Sizer

Step 1: Start with an estimate

There are several ways to get an initial estimate of your ring size:

Option A: Use our printable ring sizer


  • Quick and convenient
  • Can be done from the comfort of your home


  • Not as accurate as other methods
  • May require a follow-up measurement

Option B: Order a ring sizing kit


  • Reliable for rings with varying widths
  • Allows you to find the perfect fit for your desired ring style


  • Plastic ring sizers don't have the same weight and feel as real metal or wood rings
  • The final fit may still feel different, but you'll adjust to the weight change over time

We offer both a 4mm ring sizer for rings up to 5mm wide and a 7mm ring sizer for rings 6mm to 9mm wide.

Option C: Visit local jewellers


  • Hands-on assistance
  • Immediate results


  • Time-consuming if you need to visit multiple stores
  • Traditional jewellers may not be familiar with the comfort fit style used in modern designs

Option D: Measure an existing ring


  • Accurate if you have a similar style ring


  • Limited to the styles you already own

Step 2: Order a custom sizer

For the most accurate measurement, we recommend ordering a custom sizer, especially if you're considering a ring made from unique materials like Damascus steel or tungsten. These materials cannot be easily resized, so getting the perfect fit from the start is essential. A custom sizer typically costs around £10, but it's a small price to pay for the peace of mind that comes with knowing your ring will fit flawlessly.

Step 3: Wear the custom sizer for 48 hours

Once you receive your custom sizer, wear it for a full 48 hours to account for natural finger size fluctuations throughout the day and during different activities. This will give you the most accurate representation of your true ring size.

Step 4: Double-check your size

To ensure the perfect fit, we recommend confirming your size using at least one additional sizing method. This extra step will give you the confidence to move forward with your ring purchase.

If you already have your heart set on one of our rings and it needs to me made to order we will send you a free ring sizer to check your size before we start making the ring. Don't worry if you get it wrong, we will exchange your ring for the correct size free of charge.

Factors that affect ring size

Several factors can influence your ring size, including:

  • Temperature: Your fingers may swell in heat and shrink in cold temperatures.
  • Time of day: Finger size is typically larger in the evening.
  • Diet: Consuming salty foods can cause temporary swelling.

Keep these factors in mind when measuring your ring size to ensure the most accurate results.

Forge & Lumber - Printable Ring Sizer

The reality of "fit"

Remember, finding the perfect fit is more of a personal preference than an exact science. You're aiming for a "comfortably snug" fit that allows the ring to slide over your knuckle with a slight pull. This will ensure your ring stays securely in place without causing discomfort.

Rings for every lifestyle

At Forge & Lumber, we understand that your lifestyle plays a significant role in your ring choice. That's why we offer a wide range of styles to suit every need, from rings for athletes and fitness enthusiasts to rings for musicians and artists. No matter your passion or profession, we have a ring that will fit seamlessly into your daily life.

Silicone rings: The perfect complement

With every metal or wood ring purchase, we include a complimentary silicone ring to protect your investment. Our silicone rings are ideal for situations where your primary ring may be at risk of damage, such as during workouts, manual labor, or outdoor adventures. Simply swap out your metal or wood ring for the silicone alternative, and you're ready to tackle any challenge without worry.

Discover your perfect ring

Now that you're armed with the knowledge to accurately measure your ring size, it's time to explore our extensive collection of unique and meaningful rings. From whisky barrel rings that celebrate your love of fine spirits to wood rings that showcase the beauty of nature, we have a style to suit every taste and budget.

The Koa

Consider the stunning The Koa, an 8mm brushed tungsten ring with a Koa wood inlay. This ring perfectly combines strength and beauty, making it a symbol of your enduring love.

The Opallios

For a touch of enchanting colour, The Opallios features a mesmerizing combination of Koa wood and opal inlaid in an 8mm tungsten band, symbolizing strength and unconditional love.

The Headstock

Music lovers will appreciate The Headstock, an 8mm hammered tungsten ring with a gold-plated inlay and guitar string accent, perfect for those who march to the beat of their own drum.

Final thoughts

Investing in a specialty ring, like a whisky barrel ring or a meteorite band, is a meaningful way to symbolize your love and commitment. By taking the time to accurately measure your ring size, you'll ensure that your chosen piece fits as perfectly as it looks. Use the steps outlined in this guide to make your ring shopping experience an absolute joy, and discover the ring that reflects your unique love story.

Remember, at Forge & Lumber, we're here to help you find the perfect ring for your lifestyle and taste. With our wide selection of men's wedding rings, women's wedding rings, and unique materials, you're sure to find a piece that speaks to your heart. So go ahead, find your size, and seal your love with a ring that fits like it was made just for you.

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