Silicone Ring

Silicone Ring

Key takeaways

Benefit Description
Comfort Silicone rings are soft, flexible, and lightweight, ensuring all-day comfort.
Safety These rings are non-conductive and break away under pressure, reducing risk of injury.
Durability High-quality silicone is resistant to damage from wear and tear.
Style Available in a range of colors and designs to suit your personal style.


When it comes to finding the perfect ring for an active lifestyle, silicone rings have become increasingly popular. At Forge & Lumber, we understand the need for a ring that can keep up with your daily adventures. That's why we offer a wide selection of high-quality silicone rings designed with your comfort and safety in mind.

The benefits of silicone rings

Silicone rings offer several key benefits over traditional metal rings:

  1. Comfort: Silicone is a soft, flexible material that conforms to your finger, ensuring a comfortable fit all day long. It's also lightweight, so you'll hardly notice you're wearing it.

  2. Safety: Unlike metal rings, silicone rings are non-conductive and will break away under pressure. This reduces the risk of injury, making them ideal for people who work with their hands or engage in active hobbies.

  3. Durability: Our silicone rings are made from high-quality, medical-grade silicone that is resistant to damage from everyday wear and tear. They can withstand extreme temperatures, making them perfect for any environment.

Our silicone ring collection

At Forge & Lumber, we offer a diverse range of silicone rings to suit every style and preference. Here are some of our top picks:

1. Braided Stackable Silicone Ring - Bay Blue

Braided Stackable Silicone Ring - Bay Blue

If blue is your favourite colour, then this braided stackable silicone ring is perfect for you. With a width of 3mm, it's a versatile accessory that you can wear alone or stack with other rings.

2. Forge and Lumber Black Bevelled Edge Silicone Ring

Forge and Lumber Black Bevelled Edge Silicone Ring

For a sleek and understated look, opt for our stealth black silicone ring. It offers the same comfort and durability as our other silicone rings, but with a classic black finish.

3. Braided Stackable Silicone Ring - Coral Red

Braided Stackable Silicone Ring - Coral Red

Add a pop of colour to your look with our coral red braided silicone ring. This vibrant shade is perfect for making a statement, while still enjoying the comfort and safety of silicone.

Silicone rings for every profession

Whether you're a craftsman, a chef, or a medical professional, our silicone rings are designed to meet the demands of your job. Here are some professions that can benefit from wearing silicone rings:

Rings for craftsmen and artists

If you work with your hands, you know how important it is to have a ring that won't get in the way. Our silicone rings are perfect for craftsmen, artists, and anyone who needs a ring that can withstand the rigors of their job.

Rings for medical professionals

For doctors, nurses, and other medical staff, silicone rings offer a hygienic and practical alternative to metal rings. They can be easily cleaned and won't harbor bacteria, ensuring a safe and sterile environment.

Rings for chefs and caterers

In the food industry, it's crucial to have a ring that won't pose a safety hazard. Our silicone rings are perfect for chefs and caterers, as they won't conduct heat and will break away if caught on equipment.

Silicone rings for active lifestyles

In addition to being great for various professions, our silicone rings are ideal for people with active lifestyles. Whether you're an athlete, a hiker, or just someone who loves the outdoors, these rings will keep up with you every step of the way.

Rings for athletes and fitness enthusiasts

For athletes and fitness enthusiasts, silicone rings provide a comfortable and safe option that won't interfere with your workouts. They're perfect for wearing at the gym, on the court, or wherever your fitness journey takes you.

Rings for hikers and campers

If you love exploring the great outdoors, our silicone rings are a must-have accessory. They're perfect for hikers and campers, as they won't get damaged by the elements and will keep your fingers safe during your adventures.

Finding your perfect fit

At Forge & Lumber, we want to ensure that you find the perfect fitting silicone ring. That's why we offer a range of tools and resources to help you determine your ring size.

Ring sizers

Our ring sizers are a simple and effective way to find your ring size from the comfort of your own home. Simply follow the instructions provided with the sizer to get an accurate measurement of your finger.

4mm Forge & Lumber - Comfort Fit Ring Sizer

We offer both 4mm and 7mm comfort fit ring sizers, ensuring you can find the perfect size for your silicone ring.

Printable ring sizer

If you prefer a more DIY approach, we also offer a printable ring sizer. Simply download, print, and follow the instructions to measure your finger and find your perfect ring size.

Caring for your silicone ring

To ensure that your silicone ring lasts as long as possible, it's important to take proper care of it. Here are some tips for maintaining your ring:

  1. Clean regularly: Wash your silicone ring with mild soap and water to keep it clean and free from dirt and bacteria.

  2. Store properly: When not in use, store your silicone ring in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

  3. Avoid harsh chemicals: While silicone is resistant to many chemicals, it's best to avoid exposing your ring to harsh substances like bleach or solvents.

Why choose Forge & Lumber?

At Forge & Lumber, we are committed to providing high-quality, comfortable, and safe silicone rings for every lifestyle. Here are a few reasons why our customers love our rings:

  1. Quality materials: We use only the best medical-grade silicone in our rings, ensuring maximum comfort and durability.

  2. Diverse selection: With a wide range of colors, styles, and sizes, you're sure to find the perfect silicone ring to suit your needs and preferences.

  3. Excellent customer service: Our friendly and knowledgeable team is always ready to help you with any questions or concerns you may have about our products.

  4. Commitment to sustainability: We are dedicated to minimizing our environmental impact and use eco-friendly packaging whenever possible.


Silicone rings offer a comfortable, safe, and stylish alternative to traditional metal rings, making them perfect for people with active lifestyles or those who work with their hands. At Forge & Lumber, we are proud to offer a wide selection of high-quality silicone rings that cater to a variety of professions and lifestyles.

Whether you're a craftsman, a chef, or an athlete, our silicone rings provide the comfort, safety, and durability you need to tackle your day-to-day activities with confidence. And with our ring sizers and helpful customer service team, finding your perfect fit has never been easier.

So why wait? Browse our collection of silicone rings today and discover the perfect accessory to complement your active lifestyle. With Forge & Lumber, you can enjoy all the benefits of a high-quality silicone ring without sacrificing style or comfort.

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