Coolest Wedding Rings

Coolest Wedding Rings

Key Takeaways

Feature Benefit
Unique materials like wood, meteorite, guitar strings Stand out with a one-of-a-kind ring
Comfort fit designs Rings that feel great to wear all day
Silicone rings included Swap in silicone ring to protect special rings during work or play
Broad selection of styles Find the perfect ring for your personality


When it's time to choose a wedding ring, you want something that reflects your unique style and personality. The rings at Forge & Lumber break the mold with eye-catching materials and designs you won't find anywhere else. Whether you work with your hands or just want a conversation-starting ring, these are some of the coolest wedding bands out there.

Meteorite Rings

For a ring that's literally out of this world, you can't beat meteorite. Forge & Lumber offers several meteorite ring styles featuring authentic Muonionalusta meteorite. Here are a couple of our favourite designs:

The Apollo

The Apollo meteorite ring The Apollo combines gold plated tungsten with a striking meteorite inlay. At 8mm wide, it makes a bold statement. The meteorite, which has survived an incredible journey through the atmosphere, symbolizes a love that can withstand anything.

The Shuttle

The Shuttle meteorite ring For a chunkier look, check out The Shuttle. This 8mm ring features hammered black tungsten with eye-catching meteorite shavings inlaid across the band. With this ring, a piece of space can be yours without needing a rocket.

Wood Inlay Rings

Rings with wood inlays offer a warmer, more organic vibe perfect for nature lovers. The craftsmen at Forge & Lumber work with beautiful and rare woods to create unforgettable designs, which you can see in their wood ring collection.

The Acacia

The Acacia wood ring The Acacia pairs tough tungsten with a graceful inlay of koa wood. At 6mm wide, it's a medium-weight ring with a ton of style. Koa is an exotic hardwood prized for its chatoyance and depth of colour.

Koa Wood Designs

Forge & Lumber's koa wood rings are a great choice if you want something a little different. This beautiful wood starts with two-toned leaves, symbolizing the joining of two unique individuals in marriage.

For example, The Lumberjack is an 8mm black tungsten ring with a rich koa wood interior that shows off the wood's unique grain. Or for some subtle sparkle, The Opallios combines koa with crushed opal in tungsten.

Whisky Barrel Rings

Raise a glass to your special day with a whisky barrel ring. Forge & Lumber uses genuine oak from whisky barrels to create rings with a spirited twist. Browse their whisky barrel collection to find your favourite pour.

The Damascus

The Damascus whisky barrel ring Fans of Japanese-style whisky will appreciate the craftsmanship of The Damascus. The mesmerizing patterns in the Damascus steel are perfectly complemented by the whisky oak barrel inlay. This 8mm ring is sure to intoxicate.

Regional Whisky Rings

For whisky aficionados, Forge & Lumber offers barrel rings inspired by the great whisky regions of Scotland.

The Islay features black brushed tungsten with a whisky barrel inlay and groove, a nod to the smoky whiskies of its namesake island. Or try the The Speyside, with a bevelled edge and barrel inlay honouring the region's refined single malts.

Guitar String Rings

Musicians and music lovers will fall head over heels for Forge & Lumber's guitar string rings. These rings repurpose authentic guitar strings for a look that rocks. Explore the guitar string collection to find a design that resonates with you.

The Headstock

The Headstock guitar string ring Fans of the heavy metal aesthetic will love The Headstock. This edgy 8mm ring has hammered tungsten and guitar string accents with a black steel and gold plated inlay. It's ideal for axe-wielding grooms about to shred the wedding aisle.

Opal Bridge

The Opal Bridge guitar string ring Get lost in the ethereal tones of Opal Bridge, an 8mm ring with guitar string and natural opal inlays in gold plated tungsten. The dreamy glow and galactic swirls of the opal are sure to inspire your inner songwriter.

Forge & Lumber Exclusives

Want something truly original? Check out these designs you'll only find at Forge & Lumber:

The Explorer

The Explorer engraved olive wood ring Nature lovers and outdoorsy types will appreciate the rustic charms of The Explorer. This 8mm black tungsten band features a laser-engraved tree design and an olive wood inlay. It's perfect for a groom whose heart belongs to the forest.

The Crucible

The Crucible Damascus steel ring For the ultimate in cool, it's hard to top The Crucible. With its patterned Damascus steel, this 8mm ring is bold, mysterious, and 100% badass. The technique used to forge this metal traces back to the days of knights and legendary swords.

A Ring for Every Man

No matter your style, Forge & Lumber has the coolest wedding ring for you. From rugged outdoorsman to refined whisky sipper, they offer bands to suit every personality. With unique materials like meteorite, hardwoods, and forged metals, their rings are instant heirlooms you'll treasure forever.

Plus, each ring comes with a silicone band so you can keep your ring protected during work, sports, or other hands-on activities. It's just another way Forge & Lumber goes the extra mile.

Ready to find your perfect wedding ring? Click here to shop Forge & Lumber's entire collection of badass bands. With so many amazing options, the hardest part is choosing just one!

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